Labuan, Malaysia

Situated at the north of Brunei Bay and facing the South China Sea is the island of Labuan, an international business and financial centre. It is also Malaysia’s only deep water anchorage.

Labuan is one of Malaysia’s three federal territories. Covering an areas 95sq km, Labuan comprises the main island as well as six islets around it.
Flag of Labuan
 Dubbed as ‘The Pearl of Borneo, Where Business and Leisure meet’, this destination provides ample facilities for incentive travel. Holiday-makers will find an array of interesting sights in Labuan, be it historical, natural or cultural.

Dive sites that lay close to the shore, World War 11 relics, tax-free shopping and international sea sports complex give Labuan a vibrant an world-class touristic appeal.

Visit labuan for a holiday like no other!

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