Perlis, Malaysia

Perlis has a history dating back to 1800. The northern gateway to Malaysia, it is flanked by Kedah in the south and Thailand in the north. It covers 795 sq km and features a sprawling countryside characterised by paddy plains and interspersed with rustic villages, limestone outcrops and serene lakes.
Flag of Perlis
 Multiracial and blessed with numerous natural attractions, it lays claim to the country’s only semi-deciduous forest and fascinating caves. Visits to fruit farm and plantations are not to be missed as mango, grape, sugar cane and paddy thrive on the fertile Perlis soil. Sample a pace of life that is unhurried in Kangar, the state capital. Here, you will find historical buildings such as the 97 year-old Syed Alwi Mosque. Close by Arau, the royal town.
Emblem of Perlis
 Visit Perlis and experience the uniqueness of this northern gem.

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